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A complex problem with a simple solution: PerDeCT™

Although cardiac surgery is largely safe, some patients develop a life-threatening condition called cardiac tamponade in the immediate postoperative period.

Cardiac tamponade is caused by the collection of blood clots in the pericardial space compressing the heart and compromising the cardiac output.

The diagnosis of tamponade is subjective, difficult, typically happens late at night and can be confused with other causes of heart failure.

The PerDeCT™ device can save lives, improve patient outcomes, reduce overall costs, and has an attractive health economic case for medical device manufacturers.

Patient and User Feedback

  • Key Opinion Leader
    Older, sicker patients demand better myocardial protection. The results (of polarized cardioplegia) are promising and underline the potential of polarised arrest.

    Key Opinion Leader

  • End User - Expression of Interest
    If this is shown to be a reliable cardiac monitoring device that could be placed on the PA after surgery and easily removed, I would use it in every patient.

    End User - Expression of Interest

  • Patient's Spouse
    XXX had straightforward mitral valve operation and developed tamponade. I was next to her when her heart stopped, they ushered me out and drew the curtains to open her up on the intensive care unit. This will remain the most traumatic experience in my life. I thought I lost her. Now I know XXX was lucky to have survived. This device should be available to every patient because this should not happen to anyone.

    Patient's Spouse

  • Perfusion Lead, Major Hospital
    Cardioplegia has been plagued with supply issues and we do not seem to get what we want. The way we are preparing it is a recipe for errors.

    Perfusion Lead, Major Hospital

*PerDeCT detects tamponade early and STHpol offers superior myocardial protection

Meet Our Team

Dr Hazem Fallouh FRCS


Cardiothoracic surgeon, inventor and founder

Joshua Purchase MSc

PerDeCT Project Lead

MRes Cardiovascular Sciences and Imaging. Researcher with Medical Devices experience

Shahida Liaqat

Cardioplegia Project Lead

Proven leader within the NHS with over 20 years of theatre management

Simon Manning

Finance Director

Chartered accountant with over 15 years experience in Pharma

Adib Fallouh

Chief Scientific Officer

Over 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry with comprehensive import-export experience

Anna Wilson

Project Manager

Medical Scientist with project management and digital leadership experience in big pharma

Partners & Advisors

Prof. Tom Clutton-Brock MBE

PerDeCT Project Partner (Innovate UK)

Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at NIHR, MD-TEC & UHB

Prof. Alex Rothman

PerDeCT Project Partner (Innovate UK)

Professor of Cardiology at The University of Sheffield and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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